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Family-Knight’s feast

Take your family on an unforgettable trip to Guttenberg Castle. A quaint and unique experience, where the herald greets the guests in a medieval manner, takes the poison samples from the food, announces the table rules and performs all kinds of spectacles with the children and adults. The highlight of the whole event is the knightly accolade. A brave warrior from the people is knighted by the king himself as a knight of Guttenberg Castle. A great experience not only for the little pages and damsels! Before or after you can visit the Greifenwarte (raptor center) or the museum.

Conquer Guttenberg Castle with your children!

Actual Offer

Take your family on an unforgettable trip to Guttenberg Castle.

Beginn: 12:30 Uhr
Dauer: ca. 2 Std.

Erwachsene: 40,00 €
Kinder 11 - 15 Jahre: 27,10 €
Kinder 5 - 10 Jahre: 19,10 €
Kinder bis 4 Jahre: 0.00 €

3 Gänge Menü
2 Std. Getränkepauschale (mittags)

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The herald takes the poison test before each course, so that each of the noble guests survives the meal, and announces the table rules. From the ranks of the guests he every now and then pulls himself out squires, who have to assist him with all kinds of jokes.


Ein Sud von Erdäpfeln,
serviert im Roggenmantel
Knusprig gebratenes Hähnchen mit gerösteten Kartoffelschnitzen und
Auflauf von Birnen