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A Sponsorship Directly Benefits the Protection of Birds of Prey. Here you can find out how we work to ensure the best possible care for our protégés.
The German Raptor Research Center maintains a care and release station at Guttenberg Castle for birds of prey and owls in distress. It is not uncommon for a maximum of 15 animals per week to receive expert treatment and falconry experience. After possible injuries, illnesses and causes have been clarified for the grasps and owls in need of help, the vet will operate on complicated fractures or administer medicines, for example. Until their complete recovery, the patients receive the best accommodation and care at the German Raptor Center at Guttenberg Castle.
Found young birds are raised in a species-appropriate and elaborate manner: Up to twelve times a day we prepare fresh food by hand and feed the young until late at night if necessary. When the little ones are ready to fly after weeks of intensive care, they are prepared for being released into the wild.

The care and reception centre of the German Raptor Center at Guttenberg Castle is privately financed, however, state authorities support individual projects. Your donations are important to ensure the permanent operation of the station!
Sponsorship for One Year

Sponsorship for One Year

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