German Raptor Research Center

Fascinating World: Around 60 large birds of prey live here. Experience huge birds, with more than two meters wingspan, like Eagles and Vultures, but also Owls in the free flight high above Guttenberg Castle- in almost any weather!
The castle’s outer wards offer a close-to-nature insight into the fascinating world of the griffin. Interactive touchscreen stations and two showcase exhibitions display selected griffins in typical habitats and various medium and small sized griffins of Europe. Life-size silhouettes on the castle tower impressively demonstrate the enormous range of birds of prey.

Due to the rampant bird flu, we are currently not allowed to accept injured birds of prey and owls. We ask for your understanding.

Open hours

Until November 3, 2024, the German Raptor Center is open all day from 10 am to 6 pm; on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 9 am. The daily flight demonstrations start at 11 am and 3 pm. Please book an online ticket for this.


Burgstraße 1
74855 Haßmersheim

T: +49 (0) 6266- 388

Flying Display

Eagles, vultures and owls float in free flight over the Neckar valley or directly over the heads of the visitors and bounce through the sits. In almost any weather!

Falconry Training

Make yourself friends with a bird of prey and experience the divine feeling of landing the fascinating creature on your own gloved hand.

Experience birds of prey

Get to know our birds of prey up close during a falconry lesson or our two-hour Fly for Fun and immerse yourself in the world of falconry. Take home unforgettable photos at an exclusive photo shoot – whether as a bridal couple, model or team.

Care & Rewilderness

Bird Patients are prepared for the “controlled wild flight” by targeted flight training in the German Raptor Center. Support this successful work with a donation!


Help to protect our birds of prey and owls – take over or give away a sponsorship! You will receive an annual pass so that you can visit your protégé as often as possible.


You and your four-legged friends are very welcome in the outdoor area of Guttenberg Castle! Exceptions for dogs are the castle museum and the area of the Deutsche Greifenwarte from the barrier at the castle bridge. Dogs are best kept in the shady beer garden during their stay in the Castle Museum and the Deutsche Greifenwarte, where they are provided with fresh water.