Giving Back to Nature – Return to the Wild Life

At Guttenberg Castle, the team of the German Raptor Research Center prepares the birds for their reintroduction into the wild through targeted flight training, the “controlled game flight”. This is a centuries-old falconer training method which Konrad Lorenz, the founder of modern behavioral research, has described as the only suitable aid for injured birds of prey.

While the birds of prey become controlled and show their free hunting flights over the Neckar valley, the falconer can judge whether the griffin or the owl has sufficient flying skills and is ready for release to the wild.

The costs for this successful work are borne by the German Raptor Center alone. However, private individuals or state authorities support individual projects. Please help us!

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Cultural Heritage of UNESCO

Falconry in Germany is an intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO: Hunting with trained birds of prey for wild animals in their natural habitat is a millennia-old form of culture, which is now jointly registered by 18 countries worldwide on the representative list of UNESCO.