Excursion Packages for School Classes

Barons of Gemmingen-Guttenberg for over 560 years and is maintained with private funds. Your visit to the castle museum or your recommendation will help to preserve this important cultural asset in the future. Thank you very much!

You can book a guided tour of the museum or one of our excursion packages for yourself and your school class in the youth group. In addition to the museum tour, these include an exciting supporting programme that provides further insights into medieval life.

Birds & Middle Ages

Day Trip
9:30 am
Guided tour through the castle museum
Main topic: “Living at the Knight’s Castle”
approx. 60 minutes

10:30 am
Ascent of the tower
about 15 minutes

11:00 am
Flight demonstration of the Raptor Center and round tour
approx. 90 minutes

12:30 pm
Lunch break
in the castle tavern or in the picnic area of the castle (approx. 90 minutes)
(for the lunch break in the tavern we ask for registration) Contact Tavern Fon: +49 (0) 6266- 228

Day Trip and Overnight Stay

Birds & Knight’s Games

The programme:

  • Hike to the castle and check-in at the knights’ camp (the medieval hostel of Guttenberg Castle)
  • Museum tour with tower ascent and ghost slide
  • Lunch break at the castle tavern (for this we kindly ask for registration)
  • Flying Display of the German Raptor Center
  • Knight’s Games
  • Overnight stay in a knight’s camp including breakfast