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Open Ritter Dinner

Here your physical well-being is excellently taken care of. Everyone, armed with a dagger, can feast themselves on plenty of roasts and other delicacies from the castle kitchen. Drinks flow in abundance as if there were no tomorrow.

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The well-known knight’s feast at Guttenberg Castle awaits you.

Start: 6:30 p.m.
Duration: about 2 h.
4 course menu

Adult 63.80 €
Child 5-15 years 31.90 €
Child up to 4 years 0.00 €

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The herald takes the poison test before each course, so that each of the noble guests survives the meal, and announces the table rules. From the ranks of the guests he every now and then pulls himself out squires, who have to assist him with all kinds of jokes.

Ritter Dinner Menu

The English version of the menu can be found in the tavern.

Urkornbrot mit deftigem Griebenschmalz
Sud von Erdäpfeln serviert in einem Tässlein gebacken aus Teig
Saftiger Spießbraten gefüllt mit Senfzwiebeln dazu Semmelknödel mit Speck
Blechkuchen nach überliefertem Rezept
Käsescheiterhaufen Edamer mit Trauben und Salzstangen
2 hours of wine, beer and soft drinks
At the climax of the knight’s feast, the herald beats one of the guests to the rank of a knight at Guttenberg Castle – but only if he passes a final, decisive test. If he does not, the shameful pillory waits for him, from which he can only buy himself out with a jug of schnapps. Or he is lucky enough to be kissed free by three lovely virgins, whom the herald selects with a sure hand.

For companies of 16 persons or more, we can arrange your very own personal knight’s feast at any time on request – for families, friends, as a company party, Christmas party, birthday party…

Individual Offer
Family-Knight’s Feast

Family-Knight’s Feast

Take your family on an unforgettable trip to Guttenberg Castle. A great experience not only for the little pages and damsels!