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Free Ceremony, Destination Wedding

Free weddings can be arranged with max. 200 people.

Take a look at our dream locations and decide for yourself which location suits you best.

Castle Yard

An imposing place with high walls and beautiful acoustics. The castle yard can accommodate about 150 people. (Accessible)

Flower Garden

Wedding in a romantic atmosphere of the flower garden under a large linden tree. Here can comfortably seat 60 people. (Accessible)

The Castle Meadow

A beautiful large meadow at the entrance of the castle with a small raise for the wedding ceremony. Perfect for about 200 people. (Accessible)

Details and Info

Free ceremony weddings can be arranged with max. 200 people.
Where can free weddings take place?

  • In The Castle Yard
  • In The Flower Garden
  • On The Castle Meadow
On request, we organize some umbrellas for shading or as rain protection. Alternatively, the free wedding takes place in one of our premises.

Actual Offer

The guests sit on benches, the bride and groom on two beautiful chairs and the free speaker gets a bar table.

Other wishes such as carpet, covers for benches, flowers, umbrellas, can be gladly taken over but will calculate separately.

We also have all-inclusive-service for your wedding.