Great witches spectacle with witches, dragons daughters, fire gnome and medieval music

Saturday, 25.10.2014 um 19:00 Uhr

Whether witches oracle, love potion or pandemonium, it's going to be an eventful time!
Thelonius Dilldapp, Feuergnom Flammerino and the witches prepare you a ludicrous spectacle with witchcraft, medieval music, juggling and acrobatics and an absurd spectaculous fire in the torch-lit courtyard.

This is the meal which is awaiting you:
Witches drink
Bread with cottage cheese and witches herbs
Soup of amanita mushrooms with bread
Slain chicken ablaze with vegetables from the ghost pumpkin and Buabespitzle fried in butter
Ofenschlupfer from the witches oven

€ 56,00 including 2 hours of beverage and program