Castle Museum

Don't leave the castle without having visited the museum!

As soon as you enter the impressive inner court of the castle you hear cannons thunder, the clang of arms and rattling chains. Bloodcurdling screams arise from the torture chamber and a pale-faced ghost scurries - mumbling spooky rhymes - across the spinning room...

Such a day could look like this example.

  • How did one become a knight?
  • Which weapons did knights bear?
  • Why did they build castles in the first place?
  • And how did their inhabitants live in past centuries?

"Living in a knight's castle" is the name of our award-winning exposition in the museum which has the answers to these questions. Visitors go on a time-trip right from medieval days into the 19th century:
armoured knights, reformers, warlords and passionate huntsmen...

...those old castle walls invite you to an expedition into the past with vividly arranged exhibits and lots of interesting things to see.