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German Raptor Center

Fascinating World: Around 80 large birds of prey live here. Experience huge birds, with more than two meters wingspan, like Eagles and Vultures, but also Owls in the free flight high above Guttenberg Castle- in almost any weather!
The castle’s outer wards offer a close-to-nature insight into the fascinating world of the griffin. Interactive touch-screen stations and a display case exhibition show native birds of prey in their typical habitats. Life-size silhouettes on the castle tower impressively demonstrate the enormous range of birds of prey.

Flying Display

Eagles, vultures and owls float in free flight over the Neckar valley or directly over the heads of the visitors and bounce through the sits. In almost any weather!

Falconry Lesson

Make yourself friends with a bird of prey and experience the divine feeling of landing the fascinating creature on your own gloved hand.

Photo Shooting

High Noon! You and / or one of our birds of prey as a model in your own personal photo shoot. Face to Face! An inimitable moment - captured for eternity.


Help to protect our birds of prey and owls – take over or give away a sponsorship! You will receive an annual pass so that you can visit your protégé as often as possible.

Care & Rewilderness

Bird Patients are prepared for the “controlled wild flight” by targeted flight training in the German Raptor Center. Support this successful work with a donation!


April to October daily flying displays at 11:00 & 15:00 in almost any weather.
The exhibition at the kennel facility can be explored Monday to Friday from 16:00 to 18:00.

Today 19.07.2019

9:00 - 18:00
Raptor center opens at 9:00
Flying Display
Flying Display

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Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery